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Tekken Theme for Windows 7

This is the Tekken Windows 7 Theme. This Tekken Theme for Windows 7 theme pack contains 38 High Quality Tekken Wallpapers and a color change scheme. There is no change in the icons, sounds, skins or mouse pointers.

Themepack: The pack consists of 38 high quality official wallpapers of the arcade fighting game franchise created and developed by Namco, Tekken. You'll find individual wallpapers of the 38 popular Tekken characters from Tekken 6. Each wallpaper has its own color scheme and shows the a character in a profile shot. Here is a list of the characters.
1. Alisa Bosconovitch
2. Bob
3. Lars Alexandersson
4. Leo
5. Miguel Caballero Rojo
6. Zafina
9. Anna Williams
10. Armor King
11. Asuka Kazama
12. Baek Doo San
13. Bruce Irvin
14. Bryan Fury
15. Christie Monteiro
16. Craig Marduk
17. Jack-6
18. Devil Jin
19. Eddy Gordo
20. Feng Wei
21. Ganryu
22. Heihachi Mishima
23. Hwoarang
24. Jin Kazama
25. Julia Chang
26. Kazuya Mishima
27. King
28. Kuma Jr.
29. Lee Chaolan
30. Lei Wulong
31. Lili
32. Ling Xiaoyu
33. Marshall Law
34. Mokujin
35. Nina Williams
36. Panda
37. Paul Phoenix
38. Raven
39. Roger Jr.
40. Sergei Dragunov
41. Steve Fox
42. Wang Jinrei
43. Yoshimitsu

A little taste of what the theme will look like.

Resolution: All the wallpapers are of very high quality at 1920x1080 resolution and will fit both 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions well with the 'fill' setting available in windows 7.

Sample of some of the 38 wallpapers that you'll find in this theme.

Bottomline: A theme for all fans of the greatest 3D fighting game series!

Installation: Just the file and run the .themepack file.

Thank you for trying the free Tekken 6 Windows 7 Theme download.

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