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This is the Bleach Windows 10 | 8 | 7 Theme. This Bleach Theme for Windows 10 | 8 | 7 ThemePack contains 25 High Quality Bleach Wallpapers and a color change scheme. There is no change in the icons, sounds, skins or mouse pointers.


Themepack: The pack consists of high quality artwork from one of the most popular shonen anime of all time, Bleach. You’ll find plenty of wallpapers of the best from Bleach. This includes wallpapers of substitute shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo and the rest of the gang, Rukia, Chad and Kon. You’ll also find wallpapers of the Soul Society shinigami such as Byakuya Kuchiki, Abarai Renji, Zaraki Kenpachi, Yoruichi, Hitsugaya performing their shikai and bankai techniques as well as the arrancars and the espada such as Ulquiorra Schiffer, Grimmjow and even Aizen Sousuke and Ichimaru Gin. Hollow Ichigo and all other forms of Ichigo including the vaste lorde and white ichigo make an appearance. You’ll find a couple of really cool Bleach logo wallpapers

An example of the many wallpapers you’ll find in this theme.

Resolution: All the wallpapers are of nearly 1920×1200 resolution and will fit both 4:3 and 16:9 resolution well with the ‘fill‘ setting available in Windows 10 | 8 | 7.

Bottomline: As the title says, the ultimate Bleach theme featuring only the best from Bleach! Ban-kai!

Installation: Just  the file and run the .themepack file.
Thank you for trying the free Bleach Windows 10 | 8 | 7 Theme download.
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    can u make the taicho themes 4 window 7..? i really want it..

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