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Think different. Think Leopard OS X.

The Snow Leopard OS X Theme for Windows 7 and the Mac visual style for windows 7 that every Apple fan should love. 

Leopard OS X: Style, efficiency and functionality. This theme converts your Windows 7 into the Snow Leopard OS X with that stylish interface found on Apple’s Macbook that looks cool while still maintaining the functionality of Windows 7. The best of both worlds. Involves a bit of work but it is well worth it.

What to expect: This theme will change the way your desktop looks. Right from the leopard-white explorer windows, apple start orb and finder bar, the leopard os x icons and the black cursor set. Here are some images to show you what your desktop will soon look like.

Click to enlarge. Features Finder bar and the Apple Dock.
Click to enlarge. Border-less windows are the rage!
Click to enlarge. Aero transparency.

A Word of Caution: This method is fairly simple, takes about 15-30 minutes to set up and can be considered mid-level desktop customization. However it is advised you follow my instructions exactly and backup any file that you may have to modify.

Levels of Perfection: I’ll put this tutorial in several levels so that you can choose between the most essential changes and skip the more detailed ones. This is just to save time if you’re not going for too much perfection.


To Download: Assume we are about to assemble different parts of a OS and each part needs to be added separately. First thing you need to do is download all these small files listed below and store them all in a new folder. Do not run any of the files! Simply download them and store them for now.

Instructions: Follow these instructions in order and be sure you know what you’re doing at each level. If you have any doubts, drop a comment below.

1. To use any 3rd party visual style, your system must be patched first. This needs to be done only once. So if you are already have some visual styles running in your system, skip this step. If not, run the UxStyle file you downloaded and complete the setup. 

2. Open the ‘snow_leopard‘ rar file you downloaded and extract the contents of the ‘Theme’ folder (‘Snow Leopard’ folder and 3 ‘Snow Leopard’.theme files) in the following path: “C:WindowsResourcesThemes“. 

3. Now run the ‘Theme Manager -Windows 7‘ file that you downloaded and complete the setup

4. Open the ‘snow_leopard‘ rar file you downloaded and extract the contents of the ‘System Files’ folder (Folders ‘explorer’, ‘ExploreFrame.dll’, ‘Shell32.dll’ and ‘Welcome Center’) in the desktop. 

5. Now run the ‘Theme Manager‘ that you installed in step 3. You’ll see various tabs such as theme, explorer, explorerframe, shell32 etc. 

6. Choose the following for each of the tabs. Do not choose ‘Install Theme’ or ‘Apply Theme’ yet!

Theme – Snow Leopard Basic (found in C:WindowsResourcesThemes“)
Explorer – Explorer (32 bit or 64 bit found in the desktop)
ExplorerFrame32.dll – ExplorerFrame32.dll (32 bit or 64 bit found in the desktop)
Shell32.dll – Shell32.dll (32 bit or 64 bit found in the desktop)
OobeFldr.dll – OobeFldr.dll  (32 bit or 64 bit found in the desktop)

Now choose the ‘Install Theme‘ option. Give the name as ‘Snow Leopard Basic’. Once done, it will appear on the box on the right. Choose the ‘Snow Leopard Basic‘ and choose ‘Apply Theme‘.

7. Run the ‘LeopardOSXThemeRaider.themepack‘ file that you downloaded.

This should give you a modified explorer windows, icons and mouse pointer and start orb.

Optional:  The close, maximize, minimize buttons are on the right. To bring them to the left, run this program called Leftsider. The program sits on the system tray.


Now, we are going to take care of other features of Leopard OS X such as the handy and efficient dock and the finder bar.  

Click to enlarge. The dock is powerful!

Download the following:

The dock – RKLauncher
The finder bar – Finderbar

1. For the dock, run the RKLauncher program and complete the setup. The options and icons in the RKLauncher are easy to understand and simple to configure by right-clicking. So I’ll leave it to you to customize it as you wish.

2. For the finder bar, run the Finderbar program and complete the setup. Note, running the Finderbar will disable window thumbnails from appearing on the task bar. You’ll only be able to control the windows via the finder bar as in the real Leopard OS X.


These are additional material to finish off those finer details.

240 Leopard Icons Pack – A great set of icons to completely modify all the icons on your system and the RKLauncher for that great mac look.

Official Mac Wallpapers Pack – A beautiful collection of original HQ wallpapers released for the Mac OS.

Mac OS X for Google Chrome – Mac appearance and functionality for Google chrome.

And thats it. A custom made Leopard OS X desktop made by yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back! 

Credits: Total props to sagorpirbd for making the cool Snow Leopard OS X visual style and bickelk for making the Theme Manager and making it so much easier to install custom themes.

Reset to default: Run the ‘Theme Manager’ and choose the Aero theme tp set everything back to default. Icons, start icon, visual style and everything else. RKLauncher and Finderbar need to be uninstalled from control panel. Leftsider must be exited through system tray.

Hope you liked this theme. If you have any questions, suggestions, likes or comments, drop them below.

Thank you for trying the free Mac Theme for Windows 7.