Change Logon Screen for Windows 7

As little as the time that you spend on the logon screen is, it is always nice to start up your computer with something that pleases your eyes. With this simple trick you’ll be able to change the logon screen of your computer from the standard windows 7 screen into something of your preference or something that matches your current theme. Logon Screen requests can be made at the comments below.

There are several ways to go about this. But the easiest, safest and hassle free way is to download a freeware called LogonStudio

Download it here.

Once you download it, you need to run it and complete the setup. Run the program once the setup is completed and you’ll have something like this.


The ‘load’ and ‘download’ options are really not needed as you’re trying to create your own logon screen. So choose the ‘Create‘ option. Give your logon screen a name and browse to find an image to choose as your logon screen. 

At this point, it is best if you have a wallpaper of exactly the same resolution as your display. To find what your resolution is, go here. Also make sure the wallpaper doesnt have something of importance in the center of the image as that is where the user picture will appear during logon.

Once you create your logon screen, choose save. Now select your creation and hit the apply button.

And thats it. You can choose any picture you wish to fit your current theme.

And as usual, for all fans and followers of Theme Raider, you can post a request below and I’ll find you a good image to set as your logon screen. You need to detail your request well and be sure to mention your screen resolution.

Thank you for reading this tutorial on how to change the logon screen for windows 7.