Top 10 Windows 10 Themes – June 2016

Here’s a look at the top 10 Windows 10 Themes ranked for design and popularity as of June 2016. There are plenty of standard Windows 10 theme packs out there. However, these themes go beyond just a change of background, color and sounds. These 3rd party visual styles will completely change the way your explorers and task bar look.

You’ll find a download link for each theme which will take you to the deviantart download page. Be aware that you’ll have to patch your system in order to install these themes. All themes listed below are compatible with the November update of Windows but they may also include compatibility for older builds. Make sure the theme is compatible with your build of Windows just to be sure.

10Alien Return by Alien-byte


Transforming your desktop to look like an Alienware PC has been a popular fad over the years. Coming in at number 10, this theme intends to do just that. A bevelled explorer with a sleek start menu of the older Windows 7 style. The taskbar compliments the theme very well too.  It comes in blue, green and red colors.

If you want an Alienware Windows 10 Theme, this is your best bet for now. I find the colors a bit too saturated for my taste though I’m sure some users prefer it.

Download Alien Return Azure
Download Alien Return Red
Download Alien Return Green

9Plainx VS by Metalbone1988


This monochromatic minimal style takes the number 9 spot for it’s well balanced contrast and minimal design. Coming in 3 shades of black, grey and white, it goes very well with a background with a similar color scheme. The best part is how easy it is on the eyes and how simple it looks and feels.

If you’re looking for something that’s not too busy but still elegant, look no further.

Download Plain VS

8Elegant dark 2.0 by swapnil36fg



This theme is best described by it’s title, Elegant dark. A dark yet colorful theme with Aero transparency and subtle neon touches reminding you of the city lights at night. This theme looks amazing with dark backgrounds like seen above. The rainbow effects do feel a bit too saturated at times but the soft buttons and neon effects more than make up for it.

A great, lively theme if you’re looking for something dark but not completely black and white. A lively theme with a colorful touch.

Download Elegant dark 2.0

7Mac OS X Ultimate by jwilco


At number 7, straight from a macbook comes this theme of the Mac OS X for Windows 10. The color scheme is a near-perfect port of the Mac OS right down to the highlights in the menu. It comes in two variations: one without the grey command bar and another with the command bar as you see in the image above. I personally prefer the one with the command bar.

This is the closest you’ll get to a Mac OS port for Windows 10. So if the Apple interface is your dream theme, go for it.

Download Mac OS X Ultimate

6Oxford by participant


This theme may very well be the definition of minimalism. A professional design for people that want a clean, classy theme for Windows 10. With the right configuration, you can make the most of this theme by making everything minimal as you can including icons, shortcuts and taskbar as well.

The focus of this theme is the minimal design. If you want class over style, this is the theme to go for.

Download Oxford

5Void by neiio

void-2 void-rainmeter


Breaking into the Top 5, this minimal theme with a red color scheme is intended to be a partial transformation suite for Windows 10. It comes in four variations: White and Black with Rounded or Squared options. The dark version in particular is a thing of beauty with it’s red/black rounded design. It even has it’s own rainmeter suite and skins for other apps to go with the theme. The icons deserve a special mention too with the embossing going perfectly with the theme design.

A sleek design with good contrast between colors and monochrome, this minimal theme will give a breath of fresh air to your desktop.

Download Void

4Nocturnal by decagonal

DESIGN: ★★★½ | POPULARITY: ★★★★½

Nocturnal by decagonal is the definitive dark theme for Windows 10 in my opinion. It has a dark blue-black color scheme that is very pleasing on the eyes, especially if you tend to spend long hours on your computer. It’s minimal design goes well with pretty much any change in background or icons. The moon crescent window controls add a great finishing touch.

A dark theme for Windows 10. That’s it. Nothing flashy, just minimal, dark goodness.

Download Nocturnal

3Unity 2016 by neiio

DESIGN: ★★★★★ | POPULARITY: ★★★½

Down to the Top 3 now. Neiio’s Unity 2016 is intended to be a complete transformation suite for Windows 10. The project covers a lot of customization including browser, media player and rainmeter skins. The design itself has a greyish scheme and is very clean and professional. Probably the most professional and ambitious project on this list.

If you’re looking for a complete transformation, Unity 2016 will make you forget you’re using a Windows 10 PC. It’s a beautifully designed theme with extensive customization options.

Download Unity 2016

2Aero 7 by sagorpirbd


DESIGN: ★★★½ | POPULARITY: ★★★★★

Aero 7 is simply put, a Windows 7 theme for Windows 10. The theme will pretty much change your Windows 10 to look like Windows 7. From the flat metro style to the glassy aero style. It comes with four theme variations as seen above: Aero 7, Basic 7, Aero 7 Clear & Aero 7 Square and faithfully reproduces the Windows 7 style.

If you’re not a fan of the Windows 8/10 metro UI, this might be the theme for you to get back to a familiar interface.

Download Aero 7

1Metro X by neiio


DESIGN: ★★★★★ | POPULARITY: ★★★★½

You’ve probably noticed by now neiio‘s themes have already been featured a few times in this list. It’s no surprise his Metro X theme takes the top spot as well. An adaptive minimal Windows 10 theme that automatically changes it’s color scheme based on the wallpaper. You can also manually change the color scheme as well. The possibilities are endless, this theme is a work of art.

Taking a minimalist approach with a border-less design, it comes with dark/light versions and goes very well with any color scheme you can think of. For it’s versatility and beautiful design, it takes the top spot.

Download Metro X

And that’s it! Hope you found something you like. If you have any questions about installing 3rd party themes, do drop a comment below. Don’t forget to show off your new desktops as well~!