Assassin’s Creed Custom Windows 7 Theme

Do not fear the darkness, but welcome its embrace. 

The coolest Assassin’s Creed Windows 7 Theme and the Assassin’s Creed visual style for windows 7 that all fans should have. 

Assassins’s Creed II: As you might have guessed this Theme Raider exclusive theme package is based around Ezio and Assassin’s Creed II. It is designed around the cool white menu interface from the game. 

What to expect: This theme will change the way your desktop looks. Right from the explorer windows, start orb, to the icons and mouse pointers. Here is an image to show you what your desktop will soon look like.

Click image to enlarge.

A Word of Caution: This method is fairly simple, takes about 15-30 minutes to set up and can be considered mid-level desktop customization. However it is advised you follow my instructions exactly and backup any file that you may have to modify.

To Download: Assume we are about to assemble Ezio’s weaponry and costume and each part needs to be added separately. First thing you need to do is download all these small files listed below and store them all in a new folder. Do not run any of the files! Simply download them and store them for now.

Instructions: Follow these instructions in order and be sure you know what you’re doing at each level. If you have any doubts, drop a comment below.

1. To use any 3rd party visual style, your system must be patched first. This needs to be done only once. So if you are already have some visual styles running in your system, skip this step. If not, run the UxStyle file you downloaded and complete the setup. 

2. Open the ‘2beFine Classic‘ rar file you downloaded and extract the contents of the folder ‘!Special -Light  Clock Version‘ (2beFine_Classic folder and the two 2beFine.theme files) in the following path: “C:WindowsResourcesThemes“. Do not run the file!

3. Right click the Windows Start Orb Changer program you downloaded and choose ‘Run as Administrator‘ and choose change orb option. Select the ‘ACStartOrb.bmp‘ image you downloaded.

4. Run the ‘Assassin’sCreedThemeRaider.themepack‘ file that you downloaded. 

And thats it. A custom made Assassin’s Creed desktop made by yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back! 

Credits: Props to 2beFine for making the cool visual style.

Reset to default: Choosing the Windows 7 Aero theme will set everything back to default. Icons, start icon, visual style and everything else. To reset the start orb to default you should run the Start Orb Changer and choose the restore option.

Hope you liked this theme. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, drop them below. Thank you for trying the free Assassin’s Creed Custom Theme for Windows 7.