Alienware Windows 7 Theme

It came from outer space to take over your desktop. 

The best free Alienware Windows 7 theme and the Alienware visual style for windows 7 that everyone has been searching for. 

Alienware?: I’m going to teach you ‘manual customization‘ using various tools and resources to bring together a desktop that feels just like a futuristic sci-fi system, Theme Raider style. Regardless of whether you actually own an Alienware or not. 

What to expect: This theme will change the way your desktop looks. Right from the explorer windows, start orb, to the icons and mouse pointers. Here are a couple of images to show you what your desktop will soon look like.


A Word of Caution: This method is fairly simple, takes about 15-30 minutes to set up and can be considered mid-level desktop customization. However it is advised you follow my instructions exactly and backup any file that you may have to modify.

To Download: Assume we are about to assemble a sci-fi spaceship and each part needs to be added separately. First thing you need to do is download all these small files listed below and store them all in a new folder. Do not run any of the files! Simply download them and store them for now.

Instructions: Follow these instructions in order and be sure you know what you’re doing at each level. If you have any doubts, drop a comment below.

1. To use any 3rd party visual style, your system must be patched first. This needs to be done only once. So if you are already have some visual styles running in your system, skip this step. If not, run the UxStyle file you downloaded and complete the setup. 

2. Open the ‘Concave 7‘ file you downloaded (You’ll need WinRAR or 7-Zip to open the file) and extract the two contents (Concave 7 folder and Concave7.theme file) in the following path: “C:WindowsResourcesThemes“. Do not run the file! (If you get an error when you extract, try to extract to the desktop and copy the files from desktop to the Themes folder.) 

3. Run the ‘Theme Resource Changer‘ file that you downloaded and complete the setup. 

4. Run the ‘AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack‘ file that you downloaded. 

And thats it. A custom made sci-fi desktop made by yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back! 

Credits: Props to yingjunjiu for making the really cool Alien cursor and MrGRiM01 for making the incredible Concave visual style.

Reset to default: Choosing the Windows 7 Aero theme will set everything back to default. Icons, start icon, visual style and everything else.

Hope you liked this theme. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, drop them below. Thank you for trying the free Alienware theme for Windows 7.

  • Anonymous

    Did this Themes easy to change back to Normal Again ???

  • Yes. Choosing the default windows aero theme will set everything back to default.

  • Anonymous


  • Verse

    Did You mean "everything" includ The Icon and Start Icon??

  • Yes. Including icons and start icon.

  • Anonymous

    how to change the icon using the alienware icon pack

  • Anonymous

    nothing has changed in my laptop except the icons and the wallpaper…..pls help me!!..:D

  • Please provide some form of ID while commenting. Dont remain Anonymous.

    Icons can be changed manually using an external program such as IconTweaker or IconChanger.

    Did you follow the instructions exactly?

  • Anonymous

    is it safe to use it

  • Safe if you follow the instructions and know what you're doing. No viruses.

  • Arcane Zeal

    awesome work! thanx

  • Anonymous

    how to change the icons after downloading icons pack

  • Icons can be changed manually using an external program such as IconTweaker or IconChanger.

  • help!! only the color scheme and background changed…the theme became classic…i have tried 3 times…

  • @Jeman – Did you download the Concave visual style and did you install it correctly?

  • Jacob

    My Uxstyle doesnt ask to patch >_>

  • Aaron_miranda16

    How to use alienware icon pack?

  • Andrew Fu

    I got it right – thanks to theme rider !!!

  • Andrew Fu

    This is cool !!!! thanks

  • Jeman

    sorry for late reply…
    yeah i did it just like u wrote…

    • Could you tell me exactly where you seem to have made a mistake?

      • YePsy_ZA

        I got the same, I did everything like 3 times

  • where dose Uxstyle install to and it dose not ask patch any thing ??

  • OK got everything installed but my stat bar icons did not change where did go wrong?

    • What do you mean by stat bar icons?

      • Sorry I meant start menu bar it still in default windows 7 look how do i change to Aero with still keeping your color scheme?

        • Start bar should automatically change when you run the ‘AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack’ file.

          • Storm

            It didn’t work when I did that

          • Hmm. Best solution would be set to Aero theme and follow the instructions again.

  • OK you what I’m just going to uninstall try again my there some thing I didn’t do or missed .

    • Yes. That would be best. If you are still unable to do it, give me a screenshot of what the problem is and I’ll look into it.

      • YePsy_ZA

        I think this is the same as his, and remember, that “This copy of Windows is not genuine” is edited in by me.

  • ok reinstalled but now i can”t get the color as to earlier install color scheme worked I’m about trash this project.

  • how do i check if i’ve got visual styles running in my system???

    • You probably dont have them if you’ve never installed a 3rd party theme before.

      If you’re not sure, run the UxStyle program. It should tell you if your system is already patched or not.

      • ok first step is done but it doesn’t ask to patch!!!

        • Did you complete the setup?

          • yes and i’m almost done…only icons left!!!

          • Good to know you worked it out.

          • it’s done!!!!!!!…if i delete all downloaded files (not installed or replaced ones) plus icons one will it destroy all changes???

          • No. As long as you dont remove the separate icons or installed theme files.

  • OK I’m sorry but i am unable to get screen shot I’m currently dealing with keyboard malfunction my print screen key command dose not work so I’m in the process of script/driver or drivers a work around solution but the behavior is the I click on the theme it changes to the write wallpaper but the color do not it staying in default aero windows color as to my original install the wallpaper instal along with color scheme but the start remained normal win95/98 block style i hope this explanation give a better understanding of my issue and thank you for your help with up to this point i know i have taken your time when you could be creating your next master piece so again thank you very much.

    i have instal a 3rd party software that has patcher so uxstyle should be working right so I’m still at a lost why this is being so diffical for me and griphic crad drivers ar update as well. please forgive my dislexa if i misspell words or left any letter out.

    • Did you run the UxStyle program and complete the setup properly? Thats the only problem I could think of.

      Other than that, did you put the contents of the ‘Concave visual style’ in the correct folder?

    • Try running the concave visual style .theme file. Let me know what happens.

  • OK I’m done i have tried all things you have told me i still can”t get it to work it”s great art work but i won”t be able to enjoy it i don”t what else to do. (-.-)

    • Sorry. Wish I could help. If only I knew what the problem was.

      • it”s all gg, I know your next theme will if any thing marvelous, just add me on face book just to keep updated. Just maybe what code you used to make this might not be compatible with the version of window 7. trust I know how pick codes can be I only can imagine how crazy it must be even pull off the work you do for that I give props, if I only knew how I would be helping you after all two brains four eyes and four arms better than one, two and two well in out until next time have yourself wonderful day/night and happy creating!

  • OK got my screen shot working so you an see start menu tool bar has remained same.and have followed your step two the T

    • The only thing I can think of is that you should try running the UxStyle setup once more.

  • Educho150

    I installed it one time and it was perfect… but I changed it to another theme and when I wanted to put it back on, is not working properly, the start button, bar, and all the windows look like gray classic mode

    What can I do

    • Change your theme to the default windows Aero theme. Restart your system.

      Now select the AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack file.

      If that doesnt work, run the ‘Theme Resource Changer’. If it says to uninstall, uninstall it and reinstall again. Now run the AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack file.

      • nope still the same i believe we work throw all the possible solutions it is cool theme just not for me oh well thanks for everything.

  • Ramana520

    which image file we have to replace 6805.pnp image

  • Ramana520

    which image file we have to replace

  • Jiang-182

    my taskbar didnt change

  • Ziezuleprotoype

    why my concave 7 cannot be open?

  • mark

    why do i get a error when i try to extract concave 7 to c:windowsresourcesthemes ??? please help

  • Hi I get this error when I try to extract Concave 7 to C:WindowsResourcesThemes

    C:UsersjairusDownloadsNewfolderconcave_7_by_mrgrim01-d2l5qym.7z:Cannot open Concave 7explorerframe.dll34561.png

    Total errors I get are 46. Please help! I want this theme so bad.

  • Evhann_vamp

    hey concave 7 visual style can’t be extract. it says cannot open the file. and finally error. how to fix this ? i really want this cool theme. please help. thanks before 🙂

  • Evhann_vamp

    hey dude.. forget what i’ve said. i had figured it out 😀

  • Mngarcia

    Cool! Thanks

  • Whenever I download the concave file windows can’t open it etc :/ whats up with that?

  • Hilal_92

    my start menu didn’t change to the one in the screenshot

    • Do you mean the start orb or the entire taskbar?

  • how do I replace the Alienware png with the standard png as instructed?

    • give up dw about it ty anyways pitch black matches m14x anyways

    • You delete the original 6805.png and paste the downloaded 6805.png in the explorer.exe folder.

  • Henry

    why only m y background change??

    • Did you run UxStyle properly? Did you paste the Concave theme in the correct location?

      • Henry

        can please teach me the pasting part??

        • 1. Open the ‘Concave 7’ file you downloaded (You’ll need WinRAR or 7-Zip to open the file).

          2. Extract the two contents (Concave 7 folder and Concave7.theme file) to the desktop.

          3. Now copy what you just extracted and paste it at this location in your computer: “C:WindowsResourcesThemes”

      • Henry

        and my window and the taskbar didn’t change.

  • Henry

    y only my background changed??

  • Nevehermionealviar

    why is that concave 7 always error on my system? pls help me…

    • Do you have winrar? You need winrar to open to concave 7 file.

  • Akshayojha

    itsssssssssssssssssssssss awesomeee

  • Mom4ilakis

    Which is the compatible version of Theme Resource Changer whit Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit because the link you gave download a version which is is not compatible whit my Windows

  • Yes. The way to reset to normal is also mentioned above.

  • Spawns123

    my explorer window remains same. and taskbar too. just the icons changed..any suggestions

    • UxStyle and/or the Concave7 style have not been installed properly.

      • Spawns123

        xactly. thanx.

    • Spawns123

      got that right. now everything changed, but (the icons in the task-bar aren’t as shown here. the explorer too has got some problem). i had installed the assassins creed custom theme which worked fine first. but now that too has got the same problem(the icons in the task-bar aren’t as shown here. the explorer too has got some problem).

      • Maybe the size of your task bar is set to large? You can check that by right clicking the task bar and choosing properties. Make sure ‘Use small icons’ is checked.

        If it is still not proper, revert to the Aero theme once and choose the Alienware theme again.

  • Carlosretamiro

    muito legal valeuuuuuuuu chapa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The-Phoenix

    >I firstly installed everything properly, n it work perfectly for me …
    >It was satisfactory, but the cursor was usual (xp kind of) cursor, n folder icons wer nt changed …
    >So i undid everything , and redid again all over ..
    >N now wat i’m getting is more uglier(Vch u can see in my attachment) ..>
    > I feel dat i hav done mistake redoing all again … Pls help !!! .. I’ve been wating for this theme since months , n wen i got it , dis Happened …. Help me !!!

    • Sah

      I think u have reinstalled UxStyle .That might be d prob … Well i think Mr.Theme Raider wud be better one to answer dis 😐

    • Which version of Windows do you have?

      • The Phoenix

        windows 7 Ultimate

        • I think its best you do this.

          1. Reset to the default aero theme.

          2. Remove all the downloaded files.

          3. Ffollow instructions again but skip the UxStyle installation.

          • Ronald Raygun

            I HAVE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! if you’re having the same problem as me please don’t dispair! Right click on your desktop, click personalise then display on the bottom left (this may be visible through your control panel if you cant find it here) then you want to change ‘Make it easier to read what’s on your screen’ to 100% (mine was set to 125%) and la de dah it should all work!

            took me 2 days to figure this out don’t let it take you so long 😀

          • Gaurav khatri

            Hello my name is Gaurav khatri From New Delhi, India. I want to know this theme can work better on my windows 7 ultimate and there is my configuration win 7 2GB ram Intel atom 1.80Ghz and 500 GB HDD with Intel graphics media Accelerator. But i don’t have don’t have G. card but i am trusting on you and reply me Bro Thank you.

          • matt

            didnt work

          • SJ

            and I thought I was the only idiot here

      • [email protected]

        windows 7 Home baic

    • Abhijit

      hi theme raider!!! i am only having one wallpaper of this alienware the
      me pack that is only the blue i will get other wallpapers of this theme?

  • The-Phoenix

    Expecting reply soon buddies !!! Hope u help .. tnx in advance !!! 🙂

  • Alekshans1

    Uxstyle wont work, tune-up might do?

    • UxStyle is the best solution. But you can patch it other ways As long as you know what you’re doing.

  • Vivek26191
    • Mail sent.

      • Vivek26191

        THANKS a lot. I did everything as instructed but still i m getting the older windows start button. What can i do to change it to the alien icon ?

        • I dont think you have installed UxStyle properly. Try to reinstall it.

  • Nico Sophasath

    everything is working fine and it looks amazing except for the cursor that haven’t changed. Can you help me out on this one? Thanks in advance and great work!

  • Nico Sophasath

    Hi again I tried to download the link you gave me but it gave me an error saying that it could not copy arrow.ani so i cant install it. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

  • i followed everything and yeah it changed my desktop btw it was cool and awesome! but i got a problem how can i change my desktop like the one on top im referring to the 1st picture pls help 🙂 and thanks for this program

  • Sam Jigsaw

    can u tell me hw to installit pls i am crazy about it

    • Follow the instructions. Ask any doubts that you have.

  • Logan Gaughan

    okay, so i think i messed up really bad. after i finished the UxStyle setup, nothing happened.

    • Set to Aero default. Try again from the first.

  • Hendrik Uusmaa

    it worked but the taskbar was like xp classic but dark gray what did I do wrong?

  • Hendrik Uusmaa

    does this help?

  • Hendrik Uusmaa

    sorri now I got it

    • Maybe the size of your task bar is set to large? You can check that by right clicking the task bar and choosing properties. Make sure ‘Use small icons’ is checked. Also uncheck the ‘Lock Taskbar’ option.

      If it is still not proper, revert to the Aero theme once and choose the Alienware theme again.

      • sammy T

        im having the same problem as well.. i’ve tried the quick fix but it doesn’t work :/

      • i got a same problem,..

        but i got it perfectly in window 7 64bit,… its so cool!

        but in windows 7 32bit, the task bar not change!
        any tips to fix it?

        • I’m not sure what the problem is. Try choosing the aero theme and then choosing the alienware theme again.

          • Legion

            I am still getting the problem with the theme being the XP style not windows 7 style. HELP IS NEEDED! i have uninstalled everything then reinstalled everything, I have restarted my computer. I have done everything you have said and it STILL isn’t working. I really need help

        • u must patch it first

          • Alx_cookie

            same problem aq pakai win 7 32 bit n bende nie x func…acane nak buat??

      • SJ

        but what do I do with the “Windows 98” type tabs and taskbar?? 🙁

    • Andi104

      I had the same problem, then I reinstalled UxStyle, and now it works perfectly.

    • VJ

      My Desktop looks Just the same as yours. Tried everything.
      Any suggestions?

  • Mr House

    hey, i’ve follow all the instruction & it’s really awesome
    i’ve also change all the icons using iconpackager, but there’s lil problem here
    why only my mouse pointer that didn’t change? while the others change perfectly
    or that i must download the mouse pointer icon??

  • Metal_Zero_five

    the second link (concave 7 visual style) is a bunch of screenshots what should i download from that link?????

    • You can find a download link at the right of those screenshots.

  • Hey I want to change my taskbar just the picture above and the start button with the colors and everything i have the icons but not the color or style T_T

    • Please give me a screenshot of your desktop so that I can find out what the problem is.

  • Apiqpakhri

    I did all the install and it work!! but the taskbar it not same like you taskbar..i do not have the circle or round shape in the middle of taskbar..why?? can you help me??

    • Try changing the size of icons on your taskbar. Can be done by right clicking the taskbar and going to properties.

      • Apiqpakhri

        yes..i already try it but the taskbar still the same..i really want the taskbar same like you..huhu=(

        • Hmm. Try this, go to themes and choose the default Aero theme. Now choose the Alienware theme again (This may be available as ‘Unsaved Theme’).

          If it still doesnt work, only other problems maybe incomplete install of UxStyle or improper placing of the Concave visual style. Make sure you did those two as instructed.

          • yesmad

            just wanted to report that I had the same problem and I solved by going to taskbar properties and changing the option “never combine” to “aways combine” then it worked as showed in the picture.

          • Thanks for the help. A lot of people seem to be having that problem.

  • Psd Seniors07

    how can i change my ALL icons in the same time?

    • It is not possible to change all your icons at the same time. You’ll have to change them individually.

  • Bamachris89


  • hye bro..
    i have the problem, when i’m using Microsoft Word and excel……
    the page is black and the word is grey……
    how to change this to white page permanently????……
    thanks for cool themes….

    • It should be changeable in the page format options.

  • Vishkumar07

    Concave 7 Visual Style in this file one item is not extracting i hv winrar but its working

  • SnHD

    hello, I’ve done this on my other computer it was awesome, but here I only get the clasic form like the other dude below got, please help 😛

    • I’m not really sure what the problem is. Try to compare your two computers and find any difference between them that might be the cause of change in appearance.

  • Kietdbz

    When I do this will it harm my computer in any way? Also what may happen. Is it just a texture pack for my computer or will it change my system in any way? What does the term ‘patch’ mean in this case?

    • ‘Patch’ only enables the use of 3rd party themes. It is not harmful in anyway.

      One must use caution only if you change system files directly.

  • Alpha Shinoda

    Hey, everything is working except the start menu button, its the windows when its supposed to be the new png one

    • Alpha Shinoda

      nvm i changed it manually with another software, thanks

  • Erichoward

    how do u download it

  • AreZuan

    how to change to folder background into black?

  • Kopi_kupi

    can u make a step by step video tutorial… pleaseeeee… coz i really want to have this theme

    • I cant make one at the moment but I’ll try to do one in the future.

  • Mukesh Vaishnaw

    Thanks ThemeRaider,
    I have installed the theme as instructed. The theme has applied itself successfully, however the screen wallpaper remains plain blue & not reflectin as expected like the one shown above. What could be the possible reason for the same, Kindly advise.

    Mukesh Vaishnaw

    • I’m not sure why the wallpaper has not changed. You can download the wallpaper below and apply it manually.

  • praban

    how can i got this them

  • MS

    when i extract concave 7 to C:windows/resource/themes

    Error pops up

    What to Do?

    • What error message do you get?

      • MS

        I fixed it , thanks Very cool theme (Y)

      • chrizchow

        a total of 46 errors came out. pls help

  • MS

    need help

    ERROR pops up when i extract concave 7 to C:windows/resource/themes

    please help

  • Radheennaiker

    how do you change icons to alien icons?

  • heyy , how kom i replace the icon from the rar file ?

  • Soham

    hey themersider…the theme is awesome…just the start button isnt changin….pls help…
    and also can u tel me how to get the my computer icon on the desktop…im only able to bring a shortcut…but i want the original icon!!…

  • Guitarman84

    I couldn’t focus well enough to find if this was already posted…but how do you change the “Start” menu icon?

    • Guitarman84

      Nevermind! I went back through and found where I went wrong. I used the wrong UxStyles. Now it looks great!

  • jadenspades
    • The start menu icon will change automatically if you do the 3rd instruction correctly.

  • Pushpendar Singh Rathor

    hey, it did not worked

  • Pierre

    hey, i just tried just the way you ask it, and when i try to unzip the first file in “thème” en when i lauch the unzip part a message appeers with error extracting file.

    before starting i set aero as default, and installed Uxstylle.

    can you help me please?

  • Anoir1337

    hell yeah, worked perfectly for me. Kudos ^.^

  • Error pops out when i extract the Concave 7 to C:windows/resource/themes
    it poof “WinRAR:Diagnostic massages” and got 46 files error…..

  • Darkvro

    can you still put it back to normal windows 7 theme

    • Yes. Selecting Aero theme will reset it to normal.

  • patches715

    it wont let me extract to your specified point. winrar diagnostic message keeps popping up =(

    • patches715

      and btw the same message pops up 46 times saying that it cant open concave7/”whatever the file” ive deleted and redownloaded several times and still wont work.

      • Try to extract to the desktop and the move the files from there to the specified location.

      • Springbok465

        I had to extract the rar file to the desktop then copy and paste it into the required area

        • Seems to be a problem for many. I’ll make a note of it.

  • Springbok465

    Hi there down loaded your theme very very nice one question please can I add other pictures or themes to your theme


    • Yes. You’re free to change as you wish as long as you dont release it on the internet claiming it as your own.

      • Stelios No Mercy

        AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack is npt available for download..or i just cant download it..any suggestions>

  • Umci1991

    its not working in windows 7 home basic 64 bit …… a message occurs that the windows edition does not support

  • Sangani420

    perfectly working bosssssssssss

  • Jonarsuperpogi

    Wow! It works! You rock dude! Thanks! m/

  • Djanish

    how to change the icons…???

  • Djanish

    hey thanx…it worked correctly
    but can you tell me how to change the icons…???
    i have downloaded the icon pack.

  • predATOR

    hey while replacing the image fileits givn me a error?plz hlp me

  • luciddreamer

    im stuck on the explorer.exe step. How do you find that and how do you replace it

    • preDATOR

      EVN ME TOO..

      • Go to the Concave7 folder you extracted in step 2. You’ll find a folder named ‘explorer.exe’ there. Go into that folder and replace the image
        ‘6805’ there.

    • Go to the Concave7 folder you extracted in step 2. You’ll find a folder named ‘explorer.exe’ there. Go into that folder and replace the image
      ‘6805’ there.

  • preDATOR


  • PRO


  • Prasad_dhinesh

    where can i download it..???

  • Nicholas Pulsifer

    I love the theme. However, was the cursor supposed to change? Mine is still the basic Windows cursor. I see in the theme file that the cursor images are supposed to be in %SystemRoot%CursorsAlien3D_2 but the folder ‘Alien3D_2’ does not exist.

    Also on the tabs in firefox, the text and background are similar colors. Is it possible to change one so i can read it? If so, how? Thanks

  • anshul

    awesome dude………………….

  • anshul

    only my desktop has changed. but my taskbar and icons in my computer is same

  • Meluwulongtime

    This was a great great turturial! love from denmark!

  • Coolakshat Parnami

    UxStyle is not installing

  • ……….

  • why my icon doesn’t change T,T

  • Assassins

    how can we use Alienware_Invader_Icon_Pack please help

  • Kpensona

    ‘Alienware Icon Pack

  • Xfactor

    how to use Alienware Icon Pack

  • Amy

    This stuff is awesome man…n yeah i like ur name Theme Raider..stay blessed..:)

  • Hector Rivera222

    I can’t download the Concave 7 file… the link seems to not be functioning… How do I complete the process with out it???

    • You cant complete without it. After clicking the link, you’ll find the download on the right.

  • anonymous

    my cursor is in to change it?

  • Ced

    thnx man you’re the best keep it up

  • Shubham_ronaldo

    I didnot get that sliding desktop. :/

  • Truk_rosell

    i get an error when i run the alienwaretheme raider it sez not this edition of windows does not support the theme. i got windows 7 home basic runing. hope u can help me out

    • You cant apply themes for home basic edition. Sorry.

  • This looks sweet. I love how it changes all the icons that is amazing and really goes with the advanced technology that aliens would use theme. I want this for my m11x. 🙂

  • Majikman4321

    My task bar didn’t change. Please help.

  • Majikman4321

    My task bar didn’t change. Please help.

  • Majikman4321

    The alienware logo as the start button is not working for me.

    • Seliente

      Sorry but the Concave 7 File canot be downloaded any chance i can get some help with that

  • Majikman4321

    Also the clock didn’t change and the power button is all stretched out vertically.

  • Nii

    Hi! Love the fact that your theme is free…but i can’t get my taskbar and explorer window to change to what is in the preview! 🙁 🙁 🙁 Please help!

  • Mierul94

    my task bar didn’t change…..?
    help me please……

    • Did you follow all the instructions?

      • rOzaib rO

        i want to know how to change the logo for start button? coz the logo same as previous window

  • 3l3vated

    My taskbar icon wont change. :/
    And is there way to apply whole icon theme at once, because doing it one by one manually is just annoying. Any help would be grateful.

    • 3l3vated

      Actually, my whole taskbar hasn’t changed, except it’s black now. I also tried to uncheck Lock the taskbar icon, and checked Small Icons, but still nothing. I followed your instruction. Step by step. :/ I use Win7 Ultimate.

      • Right click taskbar, go to properties and change the ‘always combine’ settings.

    • Sorry but you cant change them all at once.

  • Numiah

    Everything worked except the start orb and mouse cursor, see print screen.
    Win7 x64 Ultimate. Replaced the image in explorer.exe
    Love the theme !

  • Potwreck_star

    what is the registration code for the icon changer?

  • Adriaan

    hi there how can i get this to work on windows 7 starter

  • Jake

    ! C:UsersJakeDownloadsUxStyle_Core_Jul13_x86.msi: The archive is corrupt
    WTF ?

  • Frozenrulez14

    how can i change the cursor. 🙁

  • Maxlwk

    why my taskbar not changing

    • Right click taskbar and go to properties. Make sure, ‘always combine’ is chosen.

      • Travis_huffman2001

        i did that and it still looks like this

  • Blazingayush

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  • Travis_huffman2001

    the task bar isn’t changing,and its giving me a windows basic theme with your colors….if there is a different way of doing this,like maybe using the Registry Editor,I would appreciate the help.

    • Its not just the taskbar, your explorer style has not changed either. There must be a problem with UxStyle. Try to reset to default and try again.

      • reset what to default???? and how?? please respond quickly….

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    I’m loving this theme.. 😉
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    • Google and download IconChanger or IconTweaker.

  • Anonymous848

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    can u help…?

  • Sangamgurung25

    But man how to undo the theme and again use win7 basic theme!?

    • Right click on desktop. Go to personalize, choose the theme titled ‘Windows 7’.

    • Right click on desktop. Go to personalize, choose the theme titled ‘Windows 7’.

  • Tim0teh

    I go into windows basic? Then the icon doesn’t change for me. Well the startup doesn’t sooooo what can i do? I’ve tried uninstalling everything and re-doing it, same problem. And it also worked the other day. So what’s up?

    • Choose the Windows 7 theme from personalize option.

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    how do i replace the 6805 file i dont know how please reply fat


    How to replace the PNG 6085 file i dont know how please help FAST thanks

    • Just download the image. Copy and paste in the mentioned folder.

      • HELP ME

        Thats the the point it kinda says: WinRar can only copy RAR or zip files

        i tried now what?? :S

        • You dont need winrar. Just right click to copy and paste.

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    • You must’ve made a mistake with Concave7 visual style.

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    • Yes it might. Skip the patching and do the other steps. If it doesnt work, you can patch it later.

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    • Just run the UxStyle program and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

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  • GhostSoldier

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    • The problem should be either with UxStyle or the Concave 7style.

      I’d recommend trying again.

      • GhostSoldier

        must i uninstall uxstyle then start from the beginning??

  • Ejhay_yahje1011

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  • GhostSoldier

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  • GhostSoldier

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    • Use prnt scrn key to take a picture and upload it somewhere.

  • GhostSoldier

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    • The problem is with UxStyle. Did you run the setup completely? Also what version of Windows do you have?

      • GhostSoldier

        i believe i did yes…. Windows 7 Professional.Raider, appreciate all the help… very cool of you

        • GhostSoldier

          1 more thing, when i want to remove Uxstyle.. it has the option to repair.. therefore, something wrong with the install correct? any ideas?

          • No. Repair always appears even if it is properly installed. Try to do this.

            1. Uninstall UxStyle.
            2. Switch to default Windows 7 theme.
            3. Run UxStyle setup.
            4. Make sure the ‘Concave7’ folder and ‘Cocave7.theme’ file are both present in the Themes folder.
            5. Run the AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack file.

          • GhostSoldier

            the files are there…

          • GhostSoldier

            this is the error i get after

          • Did you run the Theme Resource Changer setup properly? Thats the only other possible error.

            Try running it again.

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    example when i create a new folder it automatically a alien icon not a folder icon?
    btw thnks for your good instruction there

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    • UxStyle or Theme Resource Changer has not been installed properly.

  • Hi, thanks for the great theme. Everything’s good for me except in Microsoft Office Word, the usual white paper background (blank document) turns into black. It looks great but I prefer the original white background as black make me confused. Is there any way to change just the setting for Microsoft Word? Thanks.

    • No sorry I dont think so.

      You can manually change the background setting for MS Word though.

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    • Go to personalize and apply the alienware theme again.

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  • aldrin

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    • There is no need to reset.

      • aldrin

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    Absolutely spectacular, truly great job guys! And thank you so much for sharing.

  • Hectorz321

    doesn’t work :/ iv tried re-doing it 6 times and re-installing everything!!!! all i get is the black outsidy bits but the windows start button is still windows not an alienware logo D:

    • Make sure Theme Resource Changer is installed properly.

  • Girish

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    • Girish

      and when I install Uxstyle i get an error “” your theme subsystem ( e.g. uxtheme.dll , themeui.dll ) has been tampered with. Uxstyle requires these files be restored before you continue . Check the forums if you need help .”” like this . What should i do ??? Pls guide me .

      • Your system may already be patched.

        • Girish

          and what about the icons that i m not getting beside my alien picture as shown in screenshot no. 1

          • Try everything again from the first instruction. Make sure UxStyle and Theme Resource Changer are run properly.

        • Captain Jack Sparrow

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    • Run Theme Resource Changer again.

      If it doesnt work, try it from first again.

      • Hugh

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          • Kim Forsbom_

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    • No sorry.

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    • In rapidshare?

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        • Hm. Not sure what the problem is. Try logging out of rapidshare and then downloading.

          Does the problem occur for all files?

          • Clinton

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          • Sorry. Dont know what the problem is.

            Try using another web browser.

          • Clinton

            ok will try my current browser is chrome dont know if anyone has the same problems

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    Set looks awesome. Exactly what I was combing the introwebs for. 🙂 Going on my Aurora R4!


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  • i’ve follow your instruction. but after my system restart it can’t continue to windows. my monitor going to sleep again n again. i used seven ultimated 2gb ram dual core 3hz. any suggestion…

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  • Your theme subsystem has been tampered with, what will i do? 🙁 help please

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    I’ve double checked the instructions and I did everything. Help me please

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    the ux style while installing gives an error that “installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package.this may indicate a problem with this package.the error code is 2738” what should I do??????

  • Jayy

    It`s fucking awesome.. thanks dude.. you rock!..

  • Wsyafiq_2000

    how to download the alienware window???

  • Ghost User

    how to change mouse pointers etc……..only my wallpaper chngd……………HELP

  • Warder348

    How do you get the cursor to work, everything else works fine?

  • Dizzy3oh9

    i followed all the steps correctly, yet when i go to run the thempack for the last step i get noting… any help please? im running windows 7.

  • Ashroft

    The best!but how to use the concave thingy?

  • AussieAustin

    My Resource Theme Changer turns up as a rar file

  • Ashroft

    how to put the recycle bin and computer next to the alien logo?

  • rous

    does this change the performance of the pc???

  • rous

    the start button doesn’t change………..

  • can record video ?

  • it sy have been denield

  • A custom made sci-fi desktop made by yourself

    how to made

  • Mizi

    I just get the desktop image and several icon…… it not working like Srihari Jayaram

  • “RapidPro is necessary to start multiple downloads simultaneously.”

    Guys help me,when i try to download the last 3 items this is the message i get

    • Download them separately after each one completes.

  • Speedfreak01

    where do i download?

  • cee

    i can’t download the theme resource changer. :

  • Compkid

    what if i already have rain meter?

  • Jeri

    download links had been removed 🙂
    i came too late. ugh

  • Karthik

    when i try to install the UxStyle (for Windows 7 64 bit)
    it says the installation package is not supported by this processor type. what do i do?

  • Amdoel

    Thank you, great theme..
    After the 3rd instruction, i execute the 4th but it didn’t show any change. So i restart the system and go for 4th instruction and it’s work wonders.. Just additional info for evryone…

    • Thanx a lot for the feedback. Much appreciated.

      • Kevin Hoyes

        I have tried everything you have said to do and have suggested to do, everything works great but i cannot get my takbar/startbar to look like it shows in your pictures, i run Windows 7 Ultimate x64, please help, thank you.

        Fantastic work btw.

        • Try reverting to default theme and select alienware theme again.

  • tirtha

    icons are working but taskbar and other apps are not working properly

  • Razvanelhd

    you can change this theme?

  • Toscan

    where is the link for download?

  • Harsh Thakker

    an error occured while performing the first step(installing the uxstyle file),the error is :
    This installation package is not supported by this processor type.Contact your product vendor.

  • Harsh Thakker

    Damn! its working !! 😀 thanks a lot!

  • Harsh Thakker

    It doesnot look the same as given in the screenshots though 🙁 seems like it has synchronised with the windows basic theme npot that good graphics how to remove this theme ???

  • Mjshesh

    i got the theme but the taskbar is same it didn’t change at all…

  • Sheshnag Guptha

    i got everything right but the taskbar,pointer is same it dint change at all n even d folder view dint change pls help me……..

    • Restart the system and do for 4th instruction.

  • Compkid

    does rainmeter affect it at all?

  • A J

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  • A J

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  • Ammar_shazymin

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    Why this shows up when i click on any file : ERROR: Login failed. Password incorrect or account not found. (221a75e5

  • Gamer147

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  • KIRA

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  • KIRA

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  • lostheart07

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    how to run those downloaded files plz cn anyone help me

  • Sangi8045

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  • Arvin_mallari07

    Thanks dude ! But my START BUTTON doesnt looks like the ALIENWARE LOGO. Its the same as WINDOWS. Thanks anyway dude ! 🙂

    • Brocplick

      Je ne te comprends pas, bouton demarrer completement alienware chez moi … revoi ta config <

    • Praminat0r

      if you download a start orb changer and find the right images to go with it you can do it yourself

  • H.C

    Nothing’s changed but only the wallpaper. Help please? :/

  • Ruicastro012

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  • Gupta_vinayak

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  • melvin how to make the background black?

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    Its a very nice theme…

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    Where can i get the red version of this??

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  • Lollz14

    I have a problem it shows the windows classic taskbar and that just ruins it

  • Kirtozitro_jp

    Can you help me, i followed everything then msg prompt says theme not supported, I’m on w7 basic 64 bit

  • Fajar Andriyansyah

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  • TSO__Original

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  • kinda half working only..need help how to redo this again one more :/

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  • Desperate to try

    I follow all the instructions listed above. When i run the AlienwareThemeRaider.theme file I get an error from saying windows cannot save this theme to your computer. Im using windows 7 (64bit Ultimate). Any suggestions? Theme looks really awesome, really want to give it a try

  • Trishub Sriram

    which version of windows do you need i got windows home basic but i cant open theme resources changer error the edition of windows doesnt not support the theme can u help me out in dis?

  • Brandon

    just curious if i did anything wrong? the only things that changed are the desktop background and the recycle bin. Any advice?

    • Brandon

      ah. the concave 7 file wasnt moved. i moved it and re opened the AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack and now everything is changed yet it all seems a bit… blocky? did i mess it all up now? or is it meant to be this blockish?
      sorry if i seem like an idiot just tryin to self teach these things

  • Maladkar Disha

    when i tried to run UXStyle file on my 64 bit wimdows 7 then it shown me the error: your subsystem eg:(uxtheme.dll and themeui.dll) has tampered with. UXstyle requires this files to be restored…
    can please help to resolve this query?

  • Dragoul

    my mouse did not change. any clue why?

  • Mattzky_martinez

    my ICON is going back to the start button. it doesnt look like ALIENWARE LOGO!

  • Shrekcito

    Thanks a lot! I´ve been looking for a theme for my computer but any of them changed the toolbar, and yours did! Thanks again!

  • ryan o’connor

    great theme, i tried it but my start bar and start menu do not look like the pictures, i restarted the computer but no change, did i miss a step?

  • ryan o’connor

    This is a great theme but i cant get it to fully work on my computer and i need help. i went threw all the steps and when i apply the theme it does not change my start button to the alien head it just changes my start bar, menu and windows to a grey xp looking format, also the sounds do not change if that is supposed to be different as well they change to “Tinker”

    i have tried a restart, changing back to default and then back to the alienware theme and uninstalling everything and doing it over again and i still have the same reasult. HELP PLEASE!

    Its a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit OS,

    what can i do?

    • Make sure Theme Resource Changer is properly installed.

  • Oiit77

    3. Run the ‘Theme Resource Changer’ file that you downloaded and complete the setup. it comes up 7-zip acces denied? any tips?

  • Comeatmebroca

    awesome thank you so much 🙂 <3 much love to the geeks like me and heyaaaa can i delete all these random files setting here and have it still work

  • i got everything right except da cursor….it didn’t change…..looking forward to a solution n thanks a lot man!

  • Shane

    hey themeraider, can you put every downloader to mediafire? i can’t seem to download anything from rapidshare, please help !

  • Abdullahquadri

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  • lol

    i have a new latop…… i can do this ryt????
    and wat do u mean by patch up???

  • sinan sarıçiçekli

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  • hmm, I must have done something wrong, i followed the instructions, and all that happened was the wallpaper changed, anyone know why?

  • sinan sarıçiçekli

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  • Pokerchipsbillion

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  • Bikai

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  • Anbu

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  • Donovan

    Cool but in a lot of places, black text is still black, making it impossible to see details. An example of this would be when you bring up the properties for your C: drive.

  • beeblebopwabidoppoddoowop

    The Alienware doesn’t seem to work although I’ve followed all of your instructions. The only one that changed is my wallpaper.

  • kent

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  • ggmon

    the environment of my p.c is now alienware but the taskbar is still win7 display :(( how can i resolve this one?

  • ggsir

    concave7.rar (17.04mb) but when i download it the size is (16.24mb)???

  • chihab

    he pepole i have w7 32bit i downloaded all the file but the first file isn’t working for me when i open the uxstyler it open the setup window but an error aper it sey
    uxtheme.dll themeui.dll are not found what can i do???
    the theme is appliqued but the start icon did’nt chenge

  • Mimawl

    a va mak ngai veeeeee…….theih loh…….:-(

  • RR

    Brilliant! Thank you very much. Fairly simple to setup.Took me not even 5 minutes. Surely the BEST Visual Style Theme, since it actually works and one doesn’t have to alter any system files manually. I’ve tried another dark style before this one and Bang!, the explorer was dead. So, thanks again.

  • jason

    I didn’t get the mouse pointers and the start bar isn’t the same. It’s a grey block. Looks like the files from the Concave 7 didn’t get loaded. ???

  • muhammad shaheryar

    and what about uxstyle

  • Syarif Zaki

    awesome theme for my computer, well much thanks for u, but where i can download alienware icon and cursor?

  • John Brian Tuazon

    It works!! Very nice! Even the taskbar changes!! More power!

  • David

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  • Nazi

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  • dude i am trying to do this for years…Thanx a lot!!

  • Praminat0r

    ok, so i did it and everything, theme looks really awesome, i love it, but my folder backgrounds are still white, which looks ugly on the grey, and from the images above i can see that they can be made white, just wondering if anyone can tell me how to do so, thanks, keep up the good work

  • E317104

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  • oswald

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  • boomboompow

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    How can my start button, look like yours..
    and other features ?

  • Leo

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    Help .. How can i do this with a version of Windows 7 ?

  • Hitman

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  • FusRoDah

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  • edward

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  • reymark

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  • Manueljuan

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    Help plss

  • Juan

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  • cleo

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  • esta super

  • Rajat Gupta

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    Please help me

  • Tech_Newb

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  • Keong

    if,,,i say if,,,,i wan back my original window 7 theme….how? 😀 just in case….this theme is awesome!

    • Keong

      opps…is easy…! sry…i got it!

  • Jirgee


  • ved

    i had problem with first step only. i,e while setting up uxstyle – “your theme subsystem has been tampered with our theme” and then come “something broken” kind of thing, plese fix it for me.. i am using win7 home ultimate 32bit

  • Aidiel Naoki

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  • Jai

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  • nafais

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  • Twister95

    hey ThemeRaider!! Please help
    Redone the install and got stopped at the install theme pack.
    It is not an executable file. How do I install??
    I am anxious to see this run on my puter.
    Thank you for putting up with us, its a great application

  • yong

    how do this? any can teach me?

  • in which city we get the original version of windows alienware os

  • how we get this alienware os

  • is it adjustable for 21 inches desktop

  • is it only suite for windows ultimate or any windows 7 os

  • LostInParadise

    I’m having trouble finding the download link/s on this page. Could someone help?



  • Calvin

    Thank you Theme Raider for the cool alienware theme, i got it! now my desktop look like this:)

    • how bro?

      • Ejake14

        Here’s How
        -Uninstall the “UxStyle”
        -Install It again
        -Then Set it to Concave 7 Theme
        -Then pt it back to the alien theme & youre done!

        • Ejake14

          It look like this

          • Ejake14


  • abduttayyab

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  • Guest

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  • thanx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow its amazing!!! how did u do it ?????

  • Guest

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  • How to change taskbar theme like on the picture ?

  • rohit


  • Gin

    This can be done with W7 professional too?

  • 4EveR

    It doesn’t work for me i had been tried to removed all the downloaded files and installed

    all the patch again without ‘UxStyle’ installation.

  • Noah Sigmund

    y Taskbar disappeared and the right click does not works

  • rex

    can this fit in windows 8???

  • Mat5i6

    Hi! I have same problem with that theme of bar. I used everithing what you wroted here but not working. Please help.

    Alienware M17x
    Windows 7 home premium

  • zackassassin

    hey man, i did all u said,, and read all those commentand did try to fix my prob,n its all not working.. because my problem was similar to most of them wch is the orb n not changed… plsss i really really need help.. im usin windows professional..32 bit… hope to get ur response man,, really need help…

  • Mohamad Hafiz

    my computer only changed the dekstop icon and background….why??? please help me…!

  • rojohnniel

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  • rojohnniel

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    help me guyz

  • poothie thang

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  • Remington

    Hello? I am using the android full theme pack. Is this a reason why alienware has not changed all properties(like cursors, windows, log in logo etc)?

  • Guest

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  • Pavan M R

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  • nyc

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  • Jøshwîñ Ãranha

    ok so this is soooo awesum……BUT……i reset everything to normal then tried it back and i m getting a shitty xp type taskbar and window……plzzzz help me how to get it back…..!!!

    • Reset everything and try to do it from step one.

      • Jøshwîñ Ãranha


  • Zachary

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  • Mwaremy

    I followed the steps and now finally my desktop looks awesome

    • Mwaremy

      the next wallpaper transition looks like this:

  • alienware

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  • Roan Tanguan

    i have a problem about the big button?? it still looks like the windows and not aileenware logo?? any suggestions??

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    i do all things you tell in comments.please give me a idea

  • matt

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  • Guest

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  • Cooool…. But it doesn’t satisfied me……….

  • shaukath


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  • the UxStyle……… :/

  • im nt getting download ling 🙁

  • how to get dis theme ……….. ?

  • will it work on windows 7 professional…….???
    becoz i have tried but not getting same effects as it shown…!!!

    • It works with professional. Please try resetting to default theme and repeating the steps after a system restart.

  • _Unknown

    it doesn’t change anything except the background and i already repeat the steps twice

  • ahmad idham

    how to install it…but i dont have personalization….????can u help me

  • Bryan

    Complimenti bellissimi temi 🙂

  • RAJ


    • Restart and repeat the last two steps.

      • RAJ

        hmm done it. thats an awesome theme…. keep on making these all

  • ImrAn

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  • Mel

    It works! Thank you!

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  • ruski

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  • Arnold

    Nice work mate, but i think you need apply Aero theme of Alienware i think it will be best!

  • Sanjib

    Thanks, It good. But how to restore previous or default windows theme?

    • The instructions to reset are mentioned at the end of the article.

      • Sanjib

        If I installed it,will my computer facing any problems???

  • Bob Miller

    Why does the UxStyle Core Beta setup take so long?

  • Amritanshu Ranjan

    can you tell the size of AlienwareThemeRaider Themepack .my pc downloads it instantly and shows asize of 1.85 mb only.

  • Akatsukikoros

    its works but not completely, all the icons are still the same :/ HELP PLEASE

  • Akatsukikoros

    its works but not completely, all the icons are still the same :/ HELP PLEASE

    Its looks like that

  • Marcos Kraus

    Hey , i dont get a custom cursor , help?

  • Dominic Savio

    its not woking properly in my sys

  • Dominic Savio

    explorer bar and other tings dint change

  • superb…!!! and very well instructed c:thank you so much

  • joko

    I followed the three step but when i reached the fourth step, it said “this edition of windows doesn’t support theme”.
    Mine is Windows 7 home basic
    I need help please!!!

    • Sorry but the Basic version does not support theme changes.

  • Miss K

    first, i followed all the instructions and i think i made it correctly, then finally Run the ‘AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack’. but after it was like, the wallpaper was the only thing that changed lol.
    Then I tried copying the concave 7 folder in to the themes. then running the theme raider again, and, hell yes, it worked.
    Though the pointer was still the same old white default, is it really the same?
    still, thanks for this theme! hope u make another one or more ^^

  • this edition doesn’t support themes..
    why should i do?

    • What edition is it? If it’s windows Basic, themes won’t work.

  • disqus_nAXlyyS3Xg

    how to download this link pls

  • disqus_nAXlyyS3Xg

    download link pls

  • koko

    it says that my version of windows doesn’t support themes :(( huhu helppp

    • You must be having the Basic version. Sorry themes don’t work on Basic.

  • SJ

    Its not working for the 32-bit OS 🙁

  • SJ

    friends, I think I figured out the problem for the 32-bit OS.
    Does anyone have AVG?
    If yes, search for a program named “AVG Styler”
    then click on the last option: “select a visual style for the windows and buttons under Windows 7”
    you should get a list of packages by now.
    select the package named “Concave 7”
    lo! Problem solved.
    well, my problem with it was solved

    • These problems are different to each user and not every solution works for everyone.

      Glad you got it working for you.

  • Dante GodFist Mishima

    I love it but just one problem. I installed it all properly the first time and everything worked. I switched back to default ihat worked. But when I tried to get it back, the start orb doesn’t change now. How do I fix this? I am running Windowa 7 Ultimate 64-bit.



  • Hey mine has failed to bring the full theme…it turns to win.xp. am running it on 64-bit help me out i like alienware

  • help.. When i ran UxStyle Core Beta.. “Your theme subsystem (e.g. uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll) has been tampered with.” what will i do? help please…

  • [email protected]

    This edition of windows does’nt support theme

  • thejuice

    okay so followed your steps and everythings correct except my start button still says start and my cursors are basic icons basic etc… any ideas theme raider?? please

    • Repeat the last two steps.

      If that doesn’t work, check the other comments. Other people had the same problem and had different solutions.

      • okay awesome f*ckin awesome I got everythin but the cursors to work I think…. so what am I missin??

  • Illusion Nightblood

    din’t work its still all ugly win 7 look ….

  • fritz tan

    tnx…tried to install it…it works….but my microsoft word & excel turned it screen black…can anyone have an idea on how to make it to it’s usual look???tnx

  • Oh my God.. I love it ! hahaha

  • angga

    thanks master 🙂

  • adam

    mmetisha wazeiyaaaa!.

  • Dhanish Ahmed

    how to change desktop icons, taskbar nd stuff

  • John Paul Pasion Valencia

    This edition of Windows doesnt support themes.. WTF

  • help for my start icon. not changed like a real theme. help pleaseee

    • Muhammad Ananta

      try uninstal the ux style core and instal it again

  • Lambo

    Y my icon still the same it didnt change to alien ware type …i mean the recycle bin, my computer……..icons…or i need to download any other software to change it ?

  • Muhammad Ananta

    i have installed it and its work, but the star menu cant opened, help me fix it

  • Sahil Thakur

    love it Themes Raider.

  • fran

    where is the themes folder….helpl needed here pls

  • ajay ciongx

    Are you all using a Windows 7 Ultimate? I have a AlienWare Skin Pack but it’s not that awesome like others in comment.. How??

  • Novus

    it just keeps changing to windows classic with all the themes.

  • Asraaf Icezad Setsuke

    my lenovo cannot accept

  • raghav

    hey AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack’ is nt running dude wat should i do nw it shows ur windows theme doesnt support this file

  • RKM

    help! this edition of window doesnt support theme

  • jepoy

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  • ashiq

    pls make the exact theme for windows 8 also

  • Danial

    I cant run the setup for ThemeResourceChanger

  • footfeet

    After I did all the setup the thing that changed is only the desktop background and other icons.

    Pls Help me because this is my dream theme

    • Try and repeat the process. Make sure you do everything as instructed.

  • Jap Lobina

    Thanks for the cool theme guys! I only have one problem though, after I did all the steps as instructed, as soon as the new awesome theme was activated, my rocketdock stopped working. please help!! Thanks much though. I love the new look of my desktop.

    • Jap Lobina

      Don’t worry now guys… my problem is gone, I fixed it! Restarted the system.. LOL thanks again for the coolest theme! more power!

  • Richav Chakrabarty

    How i download it?

  • SJ

    Hey check this out:
    Alienware + Enigma in Rainmeter!

  • Sunny Sarraf

    Thanks a lot.. I just loved this theme and the steps were cool and entertaining. Could you tell me how to get docks for this theme?

  • Onion Kung

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  • Randula Hemal Meegaskada

    nice work bro

  • Amierul Adely

    where can i find AlienwareThemeRaider Themepack on my pc??

  • arjay

    i connot download this file Theme Resource Changer (for Windows 7 32 bit
    someone can help me

  • Ernan James Ferrer

    How to know if i already have visual styles running?

  • Aňặ Äṩlņ Ŵaḓ MôŞhklǻ
  • JD Villaceran

    I cant open my Themes folder

  • hari

    but how to take back to windows again???

  • nithin

    my desktop color is appearing to make it red.please answer

  • Mesta

    does this work with windows 7 home basic!!

    ’cause when i execute AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack it says “this version of windows doesnt support themes”

  • Andy

    I cant acquire AlienwareThemeRaider.themepack how do I acquire this, it keeps bringing me back to this page, no file, and a load of fake download buttons (I mouse over download buttons first, if it says googleadservices, I dont click)

  • David Adrian

    I can’t donwload alienware !

  • king rolex

    i cant see where to download it from

  • karthik

    how to uninstall alienware

  • Remruata

    i downloaded a skin pack but my computer won’t turn on because of this please help

  • patrick

    how to download AlienwareThemeRaider Themepack

  • Panagiotis X

    it doesn’t let me to download theme resource changer for 64 windows

  • Panagiotis X

    It’s not letting me to download the theme resource changer for x64 windows 7 what can i do?

  • dexter

    how to download this

  • Hgan Trgn

    where the file to download the file alienware themerider?

  • magfour

    but i can’t change the orb to something i want. i tried using windows 7 start orb changer, it changes the orb for avout 3 seconds and converts back to the alienware orb. help anyone?

  • why like this ?

  • Justin Boyer

    windows 7 home premium, followed steps, all that happened was a couple changed icons and wallpaperr. how do i get taskbar to and windows to look like that?

  • Dk-Boy Grar

    Sir, it doesn’t work for me. I’m using a mini-laptop. I followed your instruction until #2. Theme Resource Changer doesn’t run. It displays that because of screen resolution issues. Is there alternative Resource Changer for mini-laptops?

  • rf

    ces ou le lien de téléchargement

  • Adonis Eman V. Torres

    why do my task bar always revert to basic windows once i restart my pc?

  • Sergio Armando Ramos

    gracias buenos temas rn especial de anime

  • thomas moloian

    how do i download any theme

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  • JB ballares

    here’s mine not as same, cause I got some uxtheme.dll issue that’s why not perfect 😀

  • Vijay Raghavan

    Coolest desktop i’ve ever seen!! <3

  • Ajay Suvarna

    I am not able to save the theme pack. I have download all the files given above. I have run all the files. But the themepack file is not saving to my pc.

  • Thee Jhay

    didnt work just showed the wallpaper

  • deadskull

    didnt work
    I did everything as instructed
    the only thing that changed was the wallpaper and 4 desktop icons