10 Amazing Music Player Skins for Windows

Having access to your music player controls right at your desktop can be really convenient. The details of the track being played as well as the album cover can add to the aesthetics of your desktop. This list of 10 awesome Rainmeter Media Player skins, in no particular order, will do just that.


As you may know, Rainmeter is a light weight productivity application that can change your desktop completely. If you don’t already have it, go right ahead and set it up.

Most of the following skins support a variety of music players like Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, AIMP, foobar2000, Winamp, VLC, Zune, MediaMonkey and several others. For most skins, editing them to your preference should be available in the skin itself. If not, simply right click the skin and choose Edit Skin to set your preferences.

Once you download a skin,  you’ll get a .rmskin file. Simply run this file to install the skin and add it to your rainmeter layout.

These skins should fit a variety of themes. If you have any issue setting them up, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Have fun~!

10. Animated Vinyl Player by Blantas

This is a very simple skin that shows the album cover of the track playing in a cool spinning vinyl style. There aren’t any controls on it though and it’s very minimalist in design. It does support a variety of players and you can click on it to pause and resume play.

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9. MusicBar by undefenist

This is yet another minimal skin that beautifully docks in your taskbar and pops out on hovering over it. It also has invisible controls depending on where and how you click it. Perfect for always keeping your music in your sight.

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8. MUSIC by Mahm0udWally

Keeping the minimal theme going, this skin has a cool graphic wave visualization of the music playing right over the album art. It comes in multiple sizes and just shows the album art otherwise. It does have a Play/Pause function to it on hover.

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7. Evolution Music Player 1.2 by whimsy3sh

As most skins have a rectangular design, this skin stands out thanks to its circular design. With the minimum functionality of Play/Pause and Prev/Next tracks, it also has a circular progress bar for your track. A good skin if your theme needs some curves.

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6. iTunes MiniPlayer by rabra

If you really dig the Mac OS style of the MacBooks, this skin is just perfect. It is very minimal in size and has a ton of functionality when you hover over it. It also has a very easy interface to set your preferred player. What’s more? It also comes with an enlarge option that you can use to switch between the Mini and Large versions of the player.

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5. FAB Music Control 1.1 by mndhta

This skin’s speciality is it’s customization options. You have a dark and light option which are further enhanced by the ability to pick from a set of colors. Supporting a variety of players and having the basic functionality of Play/Pause and choosing Next Track, this skin should fit perfectly with most themes.

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4. iOS7 Music Player Clone by gx3541

This skin replicates the iOS7 music player. If you’re used to that interface or prefer the iOS design, this has all the basic functionality and shows off the huge album art. It does have a mini version as well.

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3. VERONiCA 2 by kaz28100

This skin is loaded with features. It is highly customizable with a variety of color options. The player itself has several functions like opening a track on youtube or spotify with just a click. It also has a mini version and supports nearly every popular player there is. Can’t go wrong with this one.

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2. Minima by Redsaph

A glassy, transparent skin with all the basic functionality. It comes with an easy setup dashboard to set up your preferred player. Also has volume controls to boot. The skin has a handy minimized view for anyone that don’t want it to be shown unless needed.

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1. La Compagnie des Ombres – Music 1.2 by MadMilov2

This one is a personal favorite. It has the bare essentials to make a clean, minimally perfect music player. You’ll find the graphic visualization neatly complimenting the text and player controls. A skin that should fit practically any minimal theme.

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