Top 10 Windows 7 Visual Styles

Sometimes you’re not simply looking for a change of color scheme and wallpapers. You can change the way your entire system looks and feels by changing the explorer windows and taskbar. This is done by something call ‘visual styles’ for windows 7.

The following are the best visual styles for windows 7 as per deviantart. All credit goes to the respective creators. I did not make any of these VS. I’m simply directing you them. Click on the image to open download and instructions in new tab.
10. Shadow

9. Tequilla

8. Metalik Glass

7. Soft7

6. Snow Leopard

5. Gaio09

4.  Zune Quickplay

3. Dark Soft

2. APPOWS2010

1. Shine 2.0

Hope you have fun with these visual styles for windows 7.

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